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Learning and behavior

Learning and behavior

Språk: engelsk - with Eva Bertilsson

Learning is commonly defined as a lasting change in behavior as a result in experience. Being alive means constantly interacting with one’s environment – so, learning is happening pretty much constantly!


Join behavior analyst Eva Bertilsson for a closer look at what “learning” and “experience” might look like.


We’ll take the individual’s perspective and see how motivational, discriminative and reinforcing factors influence what the individual does and experiences,  and what this means for us in our practical work.

We’ll also take a closer look at our own role, and explore how a deeper understanding for the learning process can help us become better role as partners and teachers.


Eva Bertilsson

Eva Bertilsson has a master’s degree in behavior analysis and a passion for all things related to behavior, learning and animal welfare. As an educator and behavior consultant in a wide variety of settings and species (including humans), she specializes in contextual understanding to help teams and individuals thrive.


Eva is a board member of the Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis, a faculty member of Clicker Expo, and an avid disseminator of behavioral science with the individuals’ wellbeing in focus. In addition to her own teaching, she has also been instrumental in introducing Fear Free™ and TAGteach ™ to the Scandinavian audience, and is the host or the yearly CCC conference on Choice Control and


The webinar was held on 15. April 2021 – watch it online now

The webinar consists of 30 min lectures and 30 min with questions to the lecturer from participants

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